Once again Boris Diaw with the perfect extra pass to Tim Dunca for the big hammer

Boris Diaw and the perfect behind the back no look pass to Thiago Splitter

if you don’t like this video you don’t like my blog…
Jason Williams top 10 career plays

Top 10 Assists of the Week

Michael Carter-Williams steals the ball away from Josh Smith after the rebound, then throws the sick no-look dish to Thaddeus Young for the jam

Ricky Rubio picks Goran Dragic’s pocket and serves up Corey Brewer for the slam

Mo Williams hits Thomas Robinson with a nutmeg pass through Drew Gooden’s legs for a two-handed slam

Stephen Curry gets the steal, starts the fastbreak, and throws the sick pass to David Lee for the layup

NBA top 10 assists of this week

Kostas Papanikolaou, FC Barcelona

NBA top 10 assist of the week

Apart from n° 2 and 3 today top 10 are all great assists…

Manu Ginobili compilation of between the legs assists…IMPRESSIVE